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What we do 



Leadership development. We support the next generation of leaders through institutional and on site training along with access to a network of mentors in their field




Exploratory research. We organize and initiate research in the interest of scientific advancement and public health.



Community development & education. We enable communities in the developing world to better manage their own challenges through scientific capacity development and health education. 


Our Vision 



Global Viral’s vision to approach critical scientific questions and social challenges from a microbiological perspective

Global Viral’s vision is to unleash the full power of the microbial world and combine it with innovative approaches to solve some of the most critical social, economic, and health challenges.



Our Impact 

•Discovery of novel viruses


•Establishment of diagnostic labs and rapid response capacity


•Collection and testing of more than 

  150 000 human, animal samples


•Community health education and training

Where ? 

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