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"Exploring Diversity of Life" Workshop


Co-hosted by Global Viral and DOE's Joint Genome Institute


Artwork courtesy: EMSL @ PNNL.

December 16 & 17, 2015
Best Western Plus Lighthouse Hotel
105 Rockaway Beach Ave, Pacifica, CA 94044
(650) 355-6300 
[ Map ]
Directions: Traveling from north or south, exit Highway 1 at Rockaway Beach Avenue and travel one block toward the ocean.
From San Francisco, take Interstate 280, (JUNIPERO SERRA FWY), south and bear right onto Cabrillo Highway towards Pacifica.
Exit Highway 1, (Cabrillo Highway) at Rockaway Beach Avenue, (approximately 6 miles from the intersection of 280 and Highway 1).
The hotel is located one block from Hwy 1 right on the ocean.
Pubic transport: Use Bart to Daly City stop, then take a cab to the hotel (approx 15minutes, $35)



Tanja Woyke, JGI (

Shailesh Date, GV (


Rex Malmstorm, JGI

Nikos Kyrpides, JGI

Jonathan Eisen, UC Davis

Eddy Rubin MD, Ph.D.

Director, Joint Genome Institute

Nathan Wolfe, Ph.D.

Chairman, Global Viral


Wendi Lynch & Melissa Treviso, JGI

Samantha Lekus & Vicki Figone, GV

Workshop goal


The goal of this workshop is to stimulate discussion around ways and means of exploring the diversity of life on earth and beyond. The workshop is forward looking, focused on facilitating discovery of new lineages and boundaries of life. Speakers are encouraged to bring forth thoughts, ideas and hypotheses for discussion, with minimal emphasis on past work, unless relevant. Ideally, speakers would introduce past work that has inspired a new idea or hypothesis. Additionally, we would like input from the speakers in answering the following:


  1. What new technological developments would be useful for this work? 

  2. Are there particular environmental niches that should be pursued?

  3. Are there any major agencies or foundations that are funding work in this area (including in other countries), so how can we make this a self-sustaining activity?





30 minute block for each speaker; includes presentation time of 20 minutes followed by discussion. The presentation should be divided into approximately 10 minutes spent describing background and past work, which should then build towards a discussion of future work including hypotheses or idea presentation.  







(list to be updated)




  • Jonathan Eisen

  • Charlie Carter

  • Ken Williford

  • Nikos Kyrpides

  • Nathan Wolfe

  • Dawn Summer

  • Jill Banfield

  • Thijs Ettema

  • Ford Doolittle

  • Steve Benner

  • Michi Wagner

  • Mike Roukes

  • Rosie Redfield

  • Steve Quake

  • Carolyn Porco

  • Nancy Moran

  • Carol Cleland

  • Grant Jensen

Other participants


  • Jean-Michel Claverie

  • Victoria Orphan

  • Eddy Rubin

  • Tanja Woyke

  • Susanah Tringe

  • Natalia Ivanova

  • Zhong Wang

  • Emiley Eloe-Fadarosh

  • David Paez

  • Jessica Jarett

  • Rex Malmstrom

  • Igor Grigoriev

  • Len Pennacchio

  • Robert Bowers

  • Kevin Freedman

  • Shailesh Date

  • Rob Phillips

  • Tal Einav



  • Gita Mahmoudabadi

  • Jacob Shenker

  • Bill Ireland

  • Davi Ortega

  • Songye Chen

  • Alasdair McDowall

  • Mark Kowarsky

  • Brian Yu

  • Samantha Lekus*

  • Jeremy Alberga*

  • Laura Zahn

  • Kevin Arnold


* Part day only


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