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Jean-Marie Volland, Ph.D.

Senior Fellow

Global Viral

Postdoctoral Research: University of Vienna, Austria

Ph.D. (Physiology & Biology), University of Antilles, France

Research focus: -

Other appointments: Visiting Scientist, Joint Genome Institute

Jean-Marie Volland studied general biology and tropical ecology in the Indian Ocean (University of La Réunion) and in the Caribbean (University of Antilles) where he defended his PhD in 2010. He first studied an intriguing generalized Sporozoan infection in the digestive gland of the Queen Conch, a large edible marine Gastropod. After traveling in South America, he joined Dr. Bright's lab as a postdoc, studying deep sea symbiosis and chemosynthetic ecosystems. He worked on a marine giant symbiotic ciliate which harbors sulfur-oxidizing bacteria. Using NanoSIMS, a unique ion microprobe allowing single-cell physiology, he investigated symbiont carbon fixation and transfer to the ciliate host. In the frame of a second postdoc he applied this technique to highlight carbon transfer in symbiotic nematodes.


Jean-Marie is now joining the effort at Global Viral on a fellowship to address essential questions such as “What are the fundamental parameters and bounds of life?” He will use a combination of transmission electron microscopy, in situ hybridization and NanoSIMS analyses to couple phylogenetic identity and metabolic function and therefore answering the question “who does what?” and “what does it look like?” in symbiotic systems and complex microbial consortia.

Selected Publications

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Submitted publications:

  1. Bright M., Espada-Hinojosa S., Volland J-M., Drexel J., Kesting J., Kolar I., Nussbaumer A, Ott J., Schuster L, Zambalos E.C., Nemeschkal H.L. 2017. Thiotrophic bacterial symbiont induces polyphenism in giant ciliate host Zoothamnium niveum. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. (under review). (IF:4.94)

  2. Volland J-M., Bustamante P., Aldana Aranda D., Gros O. 2017. The potential role of spherocrystals in the detoxification of essential trace metals following exposure to Cu and Zn in the fighting conch Strombus (Lobatus) pugilis. Submitted to Aquatic Toxicology. (IF:4.13)


Accepted publications:

  1. Volland J-M., Schintlmeister A., Zambalos H., Reipert S., Mozetič P., Espada-Hinojosa S., Turk V., Wagner M., Bright M. 2017. NanoSIMS and tissue autoradiography reveal symbiont carbon fixation and organic carbon transfer to giant ciliate host. ISME Journal. In press (DOI: 10.1038/s41396-018-0069-1). (IF:9.66)

  2. Tsao H-F., Scheikl U., Volland J-M., Köhsler M., Bright M., Walochnik J., Horn M. 2017. Candidatus Cochliophilus cryoturris’ (Coxiellaceae), a symbiont of the testate amoeba Cochliopodium minus. Scientific Report. 7(1):3394. (IF:4.26)

  3. Seah B.K.B., Schwaha T., Volland J-M., Huettel B., Dubilier N., Gruber-Vodicka H. 2017. Specificity in diversity – single origin of a widespread ciliate-bacteria symbiosis. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. 284(1858): 20170764. (IF:4.94)

  4. Szabó G., Schulz F., Toenshoff E.R., Volland J-M., Finkel O.M., Belkin S., Horn M. 2017. Convergent patterns in the evolution of mealybug symbioses involving different intrabacterial symbionts. ISME Journal. 11(3): 715-726. (IF:9.66)

  5. B. Bayer, J. Vojvoda, P. Offre, R.J.E. Alves, N.H. Elisabeth, J.A.L. Garcia, J-M. Volland, A. Srivastava, C. Schleper, and G.J. Herndl. 2016 Physiological and genomic characterization of two novel marine thaumarchaeal isolates indicate putative niche differentiation. ISME Journal. 10(5): 1051-1063. (IF:9.66)

  6. Enriquez-Diaz M.R., Volland J-M., Chavez-Villegas J.F., Aldana-Aranda D & Gros O. 2014 Development of the planktotrophic veligers and newly metamorphosed juveniles of Strombus pugilis (mollusca: gastropoda). Journal of Molluscan Studies. 81 (3): 335-344 (IF:1.25)

  7. Bright M., Espada-Hinojosa S., Lagkouvardos I & Volland J-M. 2014 The giant ciliate Zoothamnium niveum and its thiotrophic epibiont Candidatus Thiobios Zoothamnicoli: a model system to study interspecies cooperation. Frontiers in Microbiology – Microbial symbioses. 5: 145. (IF:4.08)

  8. Volland J-M., Gros O. 2012. Cytochemical investigation of the digestive gland of two Strombidae species (Strombus gigas and S. pugilis) in relation to the nutrition. Microscopy research and Techniques. 75: 1353-1360. (IF:1.15)

  9. Volland J-M., Lechaire J-P., Frebourg G., Aldana Aranda D., Ramdine G., and Gros O. 2012. Insight of EDX analysis and EFTEM: Are spherocrystals located in Strombidae digestive gland implied in detoxification of trace-metals. Microscopy research and Techniques. 75: 425-432. (IF:1.15)

  10. Volland J-M., Frenkiel L., Aldana Aranda D. & Gros O. 2009. Occurrence of Sporozoa-like microorganisms in the digestive gland of various species of Strombidae. Journal of Molluscan Studies 76 (2): 196-198. (IF:1.25)

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