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Lisa Diamond

Principal Systems and Software Architect

Other appointments: Chief Executive Officer, Pinpoint Science

Lisa joined Global Viral after helping build key infrastructure for the Boundaries of Life initiative as part of startup Pinpoint Science. She has been designing and building complex software systems for nearly 40 years. Her experience extends from computational genomics and molecular diagnostics to financial, trading and market data applications, business intelligence and analytics, computer animation and more. As systems architect and developer at the Stanford Genome Technology Center, she built software to generate molecular probes for colon and esophageal cancer, pandemic influenza, drug-resistant TB, and human papilloma virus, and developed novel software to analyze the vaginal microbiome. Other software innovation focused on panels of multiplexed probes to identify pathogens in respiratory infections, UTIs, catheter-based infections, etc. and to characterize resistance and virulence. As VP of Engineering at Black Pearl, she led development of innovative AI business applications. Lisa led streaming wireless and data visualization development for equity trading as VP of Technology Innovation at Reuters, and led the Market Data Engineering team at their Tibco Finance Technology division in Palo Alto. Prior to that, as VP of Architecture and Strategy for Global Market Data Systems at Merrill Lynch, she was responsible for key trading floor infrastructure and applications in Tokyo and New York. Earlier in her career, Lisa pioneered groundbreaking real-time graphics, animation and digital video systems. 


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