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Shellie R. Bench, Ph.D.

Scientist, Global Viral


Postdoctoral Research, Stanford University

Ph.D. (Ocean Sciences), UC Santa Cruz


Research focus: Marine Ecology, Environmental Microbiology

Other appointments: Visiting Fellow, Stanford University

Shellie recently completed a NSF Polar Programs Research postdoctoral fellowship, where she worked at Stanford University under the guidance of professors Kevin Arrigo and Chris Francis. The postdoctoral project she conceived and completed was focused on population dynamics of eukaryotic and prokaryotic marine microbes near the West Antarctic Peninsula using molecular genetic data from samples collected during a three year time-series. Managing that project included multiple deployments to Antarctica, as well as coordinating sample collection and processing with other research groups. In addition to her recent work in Antarctica, Shellie has extensive experience conducting and managing oceanographic field work to globally diverse sites including expeditions to deep sea hydrothermal vents. 

Prior to her postdoctoral fellowship, she completed her PhD at UC Santa Cruz where she used comparative genomics and molecular tools to study tropical marine nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria.  She also holds a BS in genetics from UC Davis, and a MS from the University of Delaware where she completed one of the earliest metagenomic studies of environmental viruses.


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